Tactics for LISTENING

First, listen to the audio file and guess the words and phrases you hear. Write it down and this will boost your listening power. Examples: One: 1-What’s your name? 2-It,s Alina Smith. 3-Elina? 4-No, Alina. A-L-I-N-A 5-Oh, Alina. It’s nice to see you, Alina. Two: 1- Your name, please? 2-Matt Rosenblum. 3- Rosenblum… How do you …

New research quantifies how much speakers’ first language affects learning a new language

Language research has documented that people tend to draw inferences about speakers based on how they talk. These often implicit inferences can occur in the blink of an eye and can affect how smart we think someone is, how much we like them, and more. This is also the case for the non-native accents typically …

Lesson 5 – I’m hungry

  Thomas: Hi Sarah, how are you? Sarah: Fine, how are you doing? Thomas: OK.  Sarah: What do you want to do? Thomas: I’m hungry. I’d like to eat something. Sarah: Where do you want to go? Thomas: I’d like to go to an Italian restaurant. Sarah: What kind of Italian food do you like? …

Lesson 4 – Asking directions.

  Amy: Hi Michael.  Michael: Hi Amy. What’s up?  Amy: I’m looking for the airport. Can you tell me how to get there?  Michael: No, sorry. I don’t know.  Amy: I think I can take the subway to the airport. Do you know where the subway is?  Michael: Sure, it’s over there.  Amy: Where? I …

Lesson 3 – What’s your name?

    John: Excuse me, what’s your name? Jessica: My name is Jessica. What’s yours? John: John. Jessica: You speak English very well. John: Thank you. Jessica: Do you know what time it is? John: Sure. It’s 5:10PM. Jessica: What did you say? John: I said its 5:10PM. Jessica: Thanks. John: You’re welcome.

Lesson 2 – Do you speak English?

    Mary: Excuse me, are you American? Robert: No. Mary: Do you speak English? Robert: A little, but not very well. Mary: How long have you been here? Robert: 2 months. Mary: What do you do for work? Robert: I’m a student. How about you? Mary: I’m a student too.

Lesson 1 – Where are you from?

  James: Hello. Lisa: Hi. James: How are you? Lisa: I’m good. How are you? James: Good. Do you speak English? Lisa: A little. Are you American? James: Yes. Lisa: Where are you from? James: I’m from California. Lisa: Nice to meet you. James: Nice to meet you too.    

Medical Emergencies

  Call an ambulance!   I need a doctor        There’s been an accident    please hurry!   I’ve cut myself    I’ve burnt myself   Are you OK?  Is everyone OK?   یک آمبولانس صدا کنید من به یک پزشک نیاز دارم یک تصادف اتفاق افتاده است لطفا عجله کنید من خودم …

I gotta + (verb)

I gotta + (verb) ‘I gotta’ is grammatically incorrect. It is more of a spoken form. If you want to say this with proper grammar, the equivalent would be, ‘I have got to’ or ‘I’ve got to’. In the spoken form, ‘got to’ is shortened to ‘gotta’ and the word ‘have’ is dropped. فایل تکمیلی …

5. I’m getting

5. I’m getting Learn English step by step… You will soon collect useful collection from English grammar and words. Rely on us… Please, inform to your friends who are interested in learning English… Here you can download the written and the voice file of  this part :