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Dear Students ( A.M, M.A and Ph.D. students) in English Language Teaching (ELT)

This is a personal website written and managed by Saeed Mojarradi Ph.D. Candidate living in Iran.  How can you download the files you need to possess? Through each topic you desire to possess it, by clicking over the bottom you can download the selected file. If you had any questions or problems during the download process, you can ask through Emails I have presented here. If you are utilizing the topics and summarizations and if it is possible, try to comment us to know our light or strong points.
If you have any questions about writing proposal and thesis you can write me your problems I may conduct you through the comments. You can ask your questions or put the message through the email: saeedmojarradi@outlook.com

  •  this site also contains special page related to medical problems and surgery
  •  cultural, scientific , art and health news are discussed in this site.

Saeed Mojarradi