Sample Critical Letter to Classmate

Sample Critical Letter to Classmate

Hey Josh,

I wanted to talk to you about the group project in Sociology. You did really well on the first part with the interview. You asked the kids a lot of great questions, and the video was clear and stable. Kudos to you on that. However, I wanted to talk to you about the data section. As great as the interview was, we’re going to lose a pretty decent amount of points because of the incomplete data chart you submitted. Your synopsis of the kids we studied made some really good points, but was no evidence to back up your ideas.

We need more than just general observations; we need concrete statistics, numbers, and facts that back up every hypothesis. Otherwise, we’re just sharing our opinions, and that’s not going to fly with Professor Liu.I’m not sure what your schedule is like outside of Sociology, but if you need help with the data analysis, let me know. If you have a packed week, I’m sure the group can work something out so we can get all the pieces of the project completed and turned in on time. This project is half the grade, so it’s really important to all of us that we do as well as possible. From what I saw in your first submission, you’re really talented, so I’m not trying to bash you or anything. I just wanted to bring up a concern. See you Wednesday.




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