Discourse Analysis

Discourse Analysis
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Discourse is a central part of our lives. What we do with others we do by way of conversation, phone calls, letters and instructions.
learning to talk is fundamental to learning the concert, and language provides the categories and terms for understanding self and others. Our workplaces are imbued with talk and texts whether they are part of the job itself or all day ancillary features of living that surround it.
Why do we watch television with the sound turned down and flick through that daily newspaper looking just at the pictures, entertainment and cultural life is massively dependent on what the actors are saying and what the newspaper stories tell?

It is not surprising, then, that analysing discourse is a central task for social science. yet despite the fact that virtually all social science depends on a range of judgement about this course and what it is doing this judgement have often been hidden behind where is more formal procedures of experimentation pulling and so on.

Varieties of discourse analysis

Discourse analysis is understood in a range of different ways at across the social science.
One of the reasons for this is that analytic and theoretical approaches have been developed in a range of different disciplines, notably linguistics, social psychology, philosophy, communication, literary theory and cultural studies.

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