Meeting other students

Teacher: So, now you’ve got the important information, it’s time to meet each other. Everyone
turn to the people next to you and introduce yourselves.
Cara: So, hi. I’m Cara. And you are?
Robert: Robert.
Selim: Selim.
Cara: Nice to meet you!
Robert and Selim: You too.
Robert: Nice accent. Where are you from?
Cara: I’m from Glasgow.
Robert: Oh, really? My mum’s from near Glasgow, so I’m half Scottish.
Cara: Cool. Do you live in Scotland?
Robert: No, we live in England, near Manchester. My dad’s from there. What about you, Selim?
Selim: I’m from Leeds originally but I grew up near London.
Cara: Are you both doing history on its own?
Selim: No. I’m doing history and German.
Robert: I’m doing it with maths, actually.
Selim: History and maths. That’s different!
Robert: Yeah, I couldn’t decide between arts and sciences. Maths doesn’t help with
remembering dates, though! And you?
Cara: I’m doing history and French.
Selim: I wanted to do French but German was easier, so I took that.
Cara: German is so hard!

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