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November 12, 2011

Dear Mr. Bigena,

Thank you so much for showing me around the city this past weekend. It was very beautiful. Your family is wonderful, and I couldn’t have felt more welcome. I also want to thank you for teaching me those useful phrases so I could speak a little Italian while I finished my business trip. My time in Venice was amazing, and it was just about the only time I could actually get a little rest. The remainder of my trip was busy, but I still enjoyed it immensely.I would love to reciprocate by inviting you and your family to my home in London. (I’m sure you could use a break from your hard work!) I know the city very well and can show you all my favorite places. And of course you’d all be able to stay at my flat during your trip.

I do hope you are able to attend. Don’t worry about the cost; it will be my treat. It’s the least I can do to pay you back for your amazing hospitality. Please write back if you would like to visit.

Yours truly,

Mike Ellis

S Mojarradi
S Mojarradi
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