The scope of syllable design

Chapter 1

The scope of syllable design

Summarized by: Saeed Mojarradi

Syllabus Design by David Nunan

Page 3 – 9 (this contains the important topics)


The aim is outlining the scope of syllabus design and relating it to the broader field of curriculum development.

–         There is some confusion between the term syllabus and curriculum.

We know that in language teaching, there has been a comparative neglect of systematic curriculum development.

In the path of programming we have:

Planning – implementation – and evaluation

Language specialists focus on the total picture.

Some specializing in syllabus design, others in methodology and some in assessment and evaluation.

We have Breen, Candlin, Richards and Nunan those who have been working on language curriculum design.

Candlin suggests that curricula are concerned with making general statements about language learning, learning purpose and experience, evaluation and the role relationship of the teacher’s and learners.

Syllabuses, on the other hand, are more localized and are based on accounts and records of what actually happens out the classroom level as teachers and learners apply a given curriculum to their own situation.

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