Chapter 1: Language Curriculum Design

Chapter 1: Language Curriculum Design

An Overview

Writer: I.S.P. Nation. John Macalister

Book Name: Language Curriculum Design

Saeed Mojarradi    Ph.D. Candidate                       April 21, 2018

Curriculum design can be seen as a kind of writing activity and as such it can usually be studied as a process. The typical sub-processes of the writing process (gathering ideas, ordering ideas, ideas to text, reviewing, editing) can be applied to curriculum design, but it makes it easier to draw on current curriculum design theory and practice if a different set of parts is used.

What factors are considered when designing a course?

There is a wide range of factors to consider when designing a course. These include the learners present knowledge and lacks the resources available including time, the skill principles of teaching and learning.

If factors such as these are not considered, then the course may be unsuited to the situation and learners for which it is used and may be ineffective and inefficient as a means of encouraging learning.

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S Mojarradi
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