4 Language Syllabus Design: Two Types

4 Language Syllabus Design: Two Types

Book name: The ELT Curriculum

Writer: Ronald V. White

Saeed Mojarradi Ph.D. Candidate

 In chapter 3, three models of curriculum were described and a connection suggested between these models and ideology:

A rational planning model tends to be associated with reconstructionist while a process model is linked to progressivism. A similar set of distinctions and associations occurred in the types of syllabus viewed … as with the classification of curriculum models, two basic types will be proposed each reflecting quite different orientations to language, Language learning and teaching.

Language syllabuses: types A and B

The two main approaches to curriculum and underlying value systems are reflected in two approaches to language syllabuses, Which I call type A and type B.

I have summarized what I consider to be the salient characteristics of these two types, drawing upon the curriculum classifications suggested by Davies (1976).

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S Mojarradi
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