Discourse Analysis and Grammar

Chapter 2

Discourse analysis and grammar

Book name: Discourse Analysis for Language Teachers

Written by : Michael McCarthy

Summarized by : Saeed Mojarradi


The terms that are common in language teaching:   

Clause, pronoun, adverbial, and conjunction:

                     We use them in familiar ways and relate them less to these items:

                                    Theme, rhyme, reference, anaphoric,                


Structuring the individual utterance, clause and sentence, structuring the larger units of discourse and creating textual coherence are inseparable

Grammatical cohesion and textually

Spoken and written discourses display grammatical connections between

Individual clauses and utterances

To classify these links:

1-     Reference / co-reference 2- ellipsis l substitution 3- conjunction

Reference / co-reference

Reference (items in English include pronouns: he, she.it, him, they, etc.)

Demonstratives (this, that, these, those)

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