Teaching : Input and Instruction

Chapter 3
Teaching : Input and Instruction
Book name : Understanding Language Teaching
Writer : Kumaradivelu
Ph.D. Candidate: Saeed Mojarradi
We learned in chapter 2 how intake factors and intake processes interweave and interact with each other in as yet undetermined ways to convert parts of language input into learner intake.
Here we have seen a relationship between teaching strategies and learning outcome.
Several studies have been conducted to investigate the role and relevance of instruction in the language 2 classroom.
One the limitations of these studies is that they have focused on grammatical instruction rather than on any wider aspect of language teaching.
Morpheme studies:
These studies attempted to assess whether learning a language in classroom setting is different from learning language in naturalist environments. They revealed that the acquisition / accuracy order for various grammaticalmorphemes like singular copula ( ,s /is) , plural auxiliary ( are ) , possessive ( ,s ) etc. is more or less the same regardless of the learner's L1 background , age , and learning environment.

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