Language centered methods

Chapter 5 Language centered methods Book Name : Understanding Language Learning Summarized by Saeed Mojarradi Ph.D. Candidate language teaching methods evolve and improve over time as their merits and demerits become more and more apparent with the accumulation of experience and experimentation, ultimately leading to the development of a new method with a new label. during the transitional time then dissatisfaction with one method results in the general development of another they’re will necessarily be overlapping tendencies. Therefore a method in the later phase of its life may appear to be slightly different from what it was in an earlier phase. In order to fully understand the fundamental characteristics of any given category of metal and to differentiate it meaningfully from other categories it is necessary to go back to the foundational texts that provide what may be called a canonical description of the theoretical principles and classroom procedures of a method that made prototypically represent  the category to which it belongs. We are speaking about audio lingual method which illustrates the essential characteristics of language centered methods.

Chapter 5 Language Centered Methods


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