Discourse Analysis for Language Teachers-Spoken Language

Chapter 5

Spoken Language

Discourse Analysis for Language Teachers

Written by: Michael McCarthy

Summarized by Saeed Mojarradi

Spoken language is a vast subject, and little is known in hard statistical terms of the distribution of different types of speech in people’s everyday lives.

Some different types of speech might be:

 –          Telephone calls ( business and private)

–          Service encounters (shops, ticket offices, etc.)

–          Interviews(jobs, journalistic, in official settings)

–          Classroom ( classes, seminars, lectures, tutorials)

–          Rituals ( church prayers, sermons, weddings)

–          Monologues( speeches, stories, jokes)

–          Language-in-action ( talk accompanying doing :fixing , cooking …)

–          Casual conversation ( strangers , friends , intimates)

–          Organizing and directing people ( work , home , in the street)

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