Chapter 2 Second language acquisition research and language –teaching materials

Chapter 2 Second language acquisition research and language –teaching materials

Written by: Rod Ellis

Book Name: English Language Teaching Materials – Theory and Practice

Saeed Mojarradi  Ph.D. Candidate                   Saturday, May 5, 2018


In this part we consider two ways in which second language acquisition (SLA) research has informed language teaching materials:

(1) the design of tasks; and

(2) grammar teaching.

A “task” can be “unfocused” or “focused” depending on whether the aim is to elicit general samples of language or use if a specific linguistic feature A but in both cases the primary focus must

be on meaning and achieving a communicative outcome.

SLA researches has investigated how different design features impact on the way a task is performed and, thereby, on acquisition.

Different SLA theories underlie the use of tasks in “task-supported language teaching,” where focused tasks support a structural syllabus, and “task-based language teaching,” where the syllabus is specified only in terms of the tasks to be performed, SLA has also led to proposals for specific types of grammar-teaching materials.

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