Ch.1 Issues in material development and design

Ch.1 Issues in material development and design

Book Name: English Language Teaching Materials

The author: Nigel Harwood

Saeed Mojarradi   PhD. Candidate                    Friday, April 27, 2018     


Materials is a term used here to encompass both text and language learning tasks: texts presented to the learner in a paper-based, audio, or visual form, and / or exercises and activities built around such texts.

Speaking about materials development and design, we bring together theoretical and practical / pedagogical perspectives, and the authors describe and justify materials produced for a variety of local and international, commercial and noncommercial contexts.

Why talk about materials design?

Material designers draw on a variety of theories and frameworks. Some may question the relevance of this collection to many of the teachers around the world who are restricted in the amount of materials they can produce.

Time is short, teaching schedules are heavy, and practitioners are sometimes not permitted to deviate from a rigid syllabus by introducing their own materials.

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